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Orlando FL Bankruptcy AttorneyBankruptcy is a federal law whose object is to give honest debtors a fresh start, and its provisions are superior to state laws governing the treatment of debtors. When used for the purpose of gaining a real fresh start, it is a powerful tool to help debtors start a new life. Bankruptcy law is also written to protect certain rights of creditors. There are several different kinds of bankruptcy, depending on the type of debtor and the purpose of the particular bankruptcy All bankruptcies have certain things in common, including the automatic stay, which prevents creditors from pursuing debtors after the filing of the bankruptcy petition without permission of the Bankruptcy Court. All persons filing bankruptcy must attend the meeting of creditors (“the 341 hearing”) in which the debtor meets with the Trustee and creditors may, if they wish, question the debtor (creditors very rarely show up, however). In all bankruptcy filings, it is necessary to be honest and complete in the information you give to your attorney and to the Bankruptcy Court. Not all debts in bankruptcy can be discharged.

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