Bankruptcy Practice Areas

The law firm of Norman Linder Hull, P.A. practices in the areas of bankruptcy law, construction law, civil litigation, business law, surety law, family law and general civil practice. Norm Hull practices in state, federal and bankruptcy courts across Florida. Norman Hull is experienced in both jury and nonjury trials, appeals, arbitration and mediation. The practice areas of the firm can be briefly described as follows:


All aspects of debtor/creditor problems and bankruptcy, including bankruptcy Chapters 7, 13 and 11, security agreements, mortgages, liens and garnishments.   Learn More

Construction law:

Construction contracts, construction liens, construction negotiations and disputes of all kinds.   Learn More

Civil litigation:

Disputes, lawsuits, cases, proceedings, arbitration and mediation in state, federal and bankruptcy courts.   Learn More

Business law:

Corporations, LLC’s, sole proprietorships, contracts, sales and purchases of businesses.

Surety law:

Construction contract payment and performance bonds, construction project completions and related issues.   Learn More

Family law:

Prenuptial agreements, separation and property settlement agreements, dissolutions of marriage.   Learn More

General civil practice:

Contracts, negotiations, business problems and disputes, representation in state, federal and bankruptcy courts.   Learn More

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