Debt can make you feel like a prisoner.

Debt can crush your ambition and destroy your family life. Federal law gives you the right to start over. There are several different kinds of bankruptcy to fit different situations. In all of them the object is to provide the honest debtor with a fresh start in life. The filing of a petition in bankruptcy separates the former life crushed by debt from the new life in which you can remake your business, career and family. Bankruptcy counseling includes trying to resolve problems involving mortgages, foreclosures, lawsuits, judgements, credit cards and the creditor harassment that almost always burdens people.

Your financial situation can be complex and confusing. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you, in a completely confidential and sympathetic manner, what your options are in either filing bankruptcy or choosing another non-bankruptcy solution.” – Norman L. Hull, Bankruptcy Attorney

Norman L Hull has been representing individuals, couples and corporations in bankruptcy matters for over 30 years and can explain what bankruptcy can and cannot do for you.

Bankruptcy Can Give You New Life


  • Stops creditors from calling
  • Erases most debts
  • Stops foreclosures
  • Can eliminate some second mortgages


  • Stops creditor harassment
  • Lets you make up missed mortgage payments
  • Better chance to modify first mortgages and strip off second mortgages
  • Lets you propose a plan over a maximum of 5 years to pay back debts
  • Lets you keep all of your personal property


  • Relief for family farmers or fishermen
  • Higher debt limits than Chapter 13
  • More flexible than Chapter 13


  • Reorganize business or personal debts
  • Greater leverage to work out plan with creditors

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